When are homes association dues collected and how much are dues?

Dues are due on January 1st of each calendar year and cover January through December. Dues for 2021 are $760.  You will receive a dues statement in December.  Late payments are subject to a 10% late fee if not postmarked on or before January 31. Our board is 100% volunteer and would really prefer not to chase down dues or late fees so we appreciate timely payment of annual dues. 

If you do not receive a statement, please contact us here.

If I want to make changes to my property (new / updating fence, changing house paint color, updating/changing/new deck, new/changing patio, changing driveway, or other changing external landscaping or other bylaw restricted guidelines), what are the next steps?

Although we try to quickly be responsive and approve our homeowner Architecture Requests, please allow 7-21 days BEFORE work begins to submit your Architecture forms as we are 100% volunteers.  Steps to get approvals: 

1. Review PFG bylaws and declaration of restrictions and provide to your contractor. 

2. Follow municipal ordinance and codes/restrictions.  

3. Develop plan with your contractor. 

4. Submit highlevel plan to the architectural committee at:


 - For external home, stain, deck color changes, please enter Brand, Color Number and Name of Color on form.  We do not have a list of colors that are preapproved for this subdivision. All external color changes require approval by Architecture Committee per the Declaration of Restrictions.  Attach pictures of swatches to your Architecture request.

 - Get 3 adjacent neighbors to review your color selections and get approval prior to submitting to HOA. Provide those names and phone numbers of those neighbors for HOA verification.

- Paint 2 ft x 2 ft color samples on your house for Architecture Committee to Review. 

 - Allow 4 days for acknowledgement of your request and 7-14 days for review and approval by committee. 

 - For adding or replacing fence, see FAQ on fences. 

 - Also note: PFG Board Architecture committee does not work directly with your selected contractor. You will need to provide that information and interface with your selected contractor. 

IMPORTANT - Commencing work on external parts of house that are dictated by the HOA DOR and ByLaws could result in additional cost and rework to homeowner.   Please get approval PRIOR to work beginning and to avoid issues with your neighbors. 

Who is our trash & recycling vendor and when is trash and recyling picked up?

Trash and Recycling is picked up every Monday by Constable Sanitation. 
 - Trash and recycle bins should be placed at the curb by 7AM and returned to garage the following evening. 
 - For HOLIDAY SCHEDULES, go to ConstableSanitations.com. 
 - Please contact Constable directly with any collection issues. 
- Branches and tree limbs should be cut into 4 foot lengths and bundled together, and only set out where allowed by state law or local ordinance. 
- Large Item pickup is the 1st Monday of each month. 
 - Not all items, including glass can be recycled.  
 - For additional information and special pickups,  go to: 

How much does trash pickup cost?

The fee for trash pickup is included in homes association dues. The HOA Board will initiate service for you when you close on your home. If you have any problems with starting your service, please notify the Board.

Who is responsible for the care of new trees planted on or near their property?

The homeowner is responsible for the proper maintenance of these new trees, including watering the trees on and near their property

Who is responsible for trees damaged due to weather or by Trash / Recycling vendor?

The Park at Forest Green HOA will replace trees located on common areas damaged by weather, although the homeowner is responsible for routine watering, trimming and feeding. If you have a tree that was originally installed by the developer that is damaged during a storm, please contact us here.  If you have a tree damaged by a Trash and Recycling Vendor, please contact that vendor 1st to pickup damage. If you get no resolution, please contact us at please contact us here.

Who is responsible for tree limbs hanging over sidewalks or causing obstruction?

It is the responsibility of the homeowner to trim tree limbs that hang over sidewalks and obstruct a pedestrian's path.Tree and Shrub Maintenance Policy according to the City of Overland Park:Dead trees and broken or dead limbs that present a hazard to the public must be removed.You must keep shrubs and trees trimmed to eliminate sight distance problems on corner properties. 

Public rights-of-way such as streets and sidewalks must remain clear of limbs and branches. The minimum height clearance over sidewalks is 8 feet. The minimum height clearance over streets is 12 feet and for improved thoroughfares and designated truck routes the height clearance is 13 feet. 

When does the pool open? What are the hours of operation?

The pool is open Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend. Hours are Monday through Sunday 9 a. m. - 10 p.m. including holidays.

What are the access codes to enter the swimming pool?

You must contact the Board to obtain an access code.

When is the annual neighborhood meeting?

The annual meeting takes place each November. The venue is tbd, but will be communicated on the eNeighbors Website and the white erase board located near the entrance of the subdivision.

How can I contact the utilities companies?

Note: Your HOA fees cover trash pickup. You are automatically part of this pickup when you purchase your home. 

For all other utility providers in the area, please see the list Overland Park provides:  https://www.opkansas.org/city-services/utilities-wifi/

How can I contact area schools?

Area schools can be reached at: 15020 Metcalf 681-4000 Blue Valley West High School(913) 239-3700 Lakewood Middle School(913) 239-5800 Lakewood Elementary (913) 239-6500 Barstow School 11511 State Line 942-3255 Holy Spirit Catholic School 11300 W. 103rd 492-2582 College Blvd. & Quivira 469-8500 University of Kansas Regents Center 127th & Quivira 897-8400 Rockhurst High School 9301 State Line 363-2036 St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic High School 11411 Pflumm Rd. 345-1411 Ascension Elementary 9510 W. 127th St. 913-851-2531

What are the area hospitals and emergency numbers?

Area hospitals and emergency numbers are: Children's Mercy Specialty Center (5520 College Blvd.) 345-9700 Children's Mercy Hospital (2401 Gillham Rd.) 234-3000 Columbia Overland Park Regional (10500 Quivira Rd.) 541-5000 Physician Referral & Community Education 541-5200 Menorah Medical Park (5721 W. 119th) 345-3600 Olathe Medical Center (1-35 & 69 Highway) 791-4200 Emergency only 791-4357 Saint Joseph Health Center (State Line & 1-435) 942-4400 Emergency only 943-2711 Saint Luke's Hospital (4400 Womall Rd.) 932-2000 Emergency only 932-2171 Shawnee Mission Medical Center (75th St. & 1-35) 676-2000 Emergency only 676-2222 Fire (Non-Emergency) 888-6066 Police (Administrative -124th & Foster) 895-6000 Poison Control 588-6633

What are some useful numbers to places in Johnson County?

Blue Valley Recreation Commission 681-4047 Court House (Santa Fe & Kansas, Olathe) 782-5000 Drivers License: Mission (6507 Johnson Dr.) 432-2266 Olathe (1839 Ridgeview) 829-2501 Libraries: Central Resource Library (9875 W. 87th St.) 495-2400 Blue Valley (15185 Lowell) 897-8200 Motor Vehicle Department Court House (Olathe) 764-8484 Mission (6000 Lamar) 384-1100 Parks & Recreation (6501 Antioch) 831-3355 Public Works Maintenance Division 327-6650 Overland Park City Hall 895-6000 Court Information 895-5030 Leisure Services 895-6350 Municipal Court 327-6800 Public Works 782-2640 Reporting Street Light Out/Street Light Repair: Street light problems can be reported in two ways: A. E-mail bvmaint@opkansas.org with a description of the location of the problem and any other pertinent information. B. Call the Maintenance Division at 913/327-6600. Calls received 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, are handled by a dispatcher. During nights and weekends, callers can leave messages. Post Office - Blue Valley (12433 Antioch Road) 897-6324 Road Conditions: Kansas - 782-8100 Missouri - 524-1407 Time & Temperature 844-1212

What are some area newspapers?

Kansas City Star 234-4545 Sun Publications 381-1010 Wall Street Journal 1-800-JOURNAL

Who do I contact to welcome new neighbors?

If you know of any new neighbors, please email the Board at parkatforestgreen@gmail.com. The social director has a packet for our new folks with lots of information inside.

Who do I contact regarding a problem yard or property that is not being properly maintained?

You may email us with your concerns. It's also helpful to attach digital photos of the problem along with your email. The city is supposed to respond within 24 hours. If talking to your neighbor does not resolve a problem, email the Board.

Where and what hazardous materials can be dropped off?

Overland Park

Johnson County

How do I obtain a neighborhood telephone directory?

The neighborhood directory is available on-line on the park at Forest Green site. Contact parkatforestgreen@gmail.com to request getting a login.

What are the rules for placing temporary signs in residential areas?

Please refer to the bylaws as there are specific rules for this, especially political signage.

How do I get rid of household chemicals?

Call Johnson County Environmental at 913-492-0402.

What are the rules/requirements for fence construction on homeowner property?

The Park at Forest green has two approved fences. One is wrought iron and the  second is a wood option that comes in two heights. You are not allowed to deviate from these two patterns. If you have questions regarding the patterns, please contact the board.

Who is responsible for the walking path?

The HOA Board is responsible for the East part of the path, while the city is responsible for the West. If you have questions or concerns regarding the Path, please contact the Board. All homeowners using the path should take the time to pick up the trash as well as pick up after your pets when they are using it.