Fall 2021 Newsletter - See your Emails
(added: 09/27/2021)

Fall 2021 Newsletter has been published!

September 26, 2021


Help us welcome in the fall season with many events happening in the Park at Forest Green. We hope you are getting out and enjoying many of the festivals in our communities. We have a fun family event planned and a reminder that walkthroughs will begin this weekend. 


Over the past 9 months, we have had 10 new homeowners move and will have 11 by the end of September.  Please drop by and say hello to your new neighbors and welcome them to our neighborhood.  Many are 1st-time homeowners or new to our area so they could use your help and support as they make their transition into Overland Park.

Upcoming Events 

Neighborhood Fall Party - Chiefs Tailagat October 10th  - 4PM - 6PM Location: Pool Common Area

 - Bring Your Own Beverage and Chairs! We are working out food and game details and will have more soon!

Annual Homeowner's Meeting - November 8th 7PM - Location TBD. 

 - Board Nominations for new POOL VP Due Nov 1 - If you need board nomination form, contact us at parkatforestgreen@gmail.com

 - Agenda Items should be submitted by Nov 1.  Any questions submitted at meeting or later, may have to be addresses at another time. 

OP's Large Item Bulk Pickup is October 16 - Go to this link for details to: https://www.opkansas.org/city-services/trash-recycling/bulky-item-pickup/ - Park of Forest Green Board does not have details beyond this - please reach out to city or look at link with any questions.  This is a courtesy service funded by the city and happens every 2 years.

 - Note:  Our provider, Contable Sanitation, continues to suppport 1 large item pickup the 1st Monday of each month as part of your HOA dues. 

    Neighborhood Architecture Committee Fall Walkthroughs Starting Today

    • If you received a violation notice, please resolve issue within 45 days and communicate with board. We would really prefer not to assess any fines!
    • Please see your email about important reminders on lawn maitenance and approvals needed. 
    • Common Questions can be found on our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section of our website: www.parkatforestgreen.org (Click on "Welcome")
    • Please submit an Architecture Request form at least 14 days PRIOR to the start of work. The form is at TOP of the Page in blue at this link: https://parkatforestgreen.org/architectural/

    Any questions should be sent via email to parkatforestgreen@gmail.com

    All information related to Park of Forest Green can be found at www.parkatforestgreen.org.


    The Park at Forest Green Board