(added: 09/17/2020)

The dumpster is here for ONE DAY ONLY!It's not in the usual spot at the pool.Instead we are trying to keep this dumpster for th euse of PFG residents only so we are "hiding" from a public street and have placed it at the end of the cul-de-sac on 144th Terrace.Please be curteous and respectful of your neighbors and don't overfill the dumpster.Most importantly, be quiet and respectful to your neighbors in this cul-de-sac when placing items in the dumpster.The dumpster door is open so please place your items as far back as possible. 

Thanks neighbors.We might be getting another in a day so be watching the website. 

Park at Forest Green HOA Board

Dumpsters are coming!
(added: 09/08/2020)

To help with your fall cleaning, we are going to have dumpsters available on a couple of upcoming days. We're trying to get them scheduled the week after the garage sale. We'll keep you posted on the exact dates once they are confirmed. PLEASE don't overload the dumpsters, or they won't take them until some of the trash is removed. Also, remember to maintain social distancing if there are others at the dumpsters when you arrive.

Annual Homeowner's Meeting
(added: 08/19/2020)

Date and Time: TBD

It's time to vote on PFG HOA Board members and get updates on all the latest happening at the Park at Forest Green!This year will likely look different, if cases are still high in November, we will meet by Zoom Meeting.Hopefully this will invite maximum participation.

There are several board seats up for nomination this year. They are: 
  • President (current: Grady Hawley)
  • Secretary (current: Kathy Mestas)
  • Social (current: Scott Brown)
  • Treasurer (current: Bryce Esfeld)
  • Architecture: (current: Justin Zeh)
Nomination and notice letters will be sent out in early October so be watching for the official notice.This is our one meeting a year and we would love to see every homeowner at the meeting, or on the Zoom. At the meeting you'll hear the latest updates on things happening in the neighborhood and around the community; you'll learn what your dues go to and get a chance to ask questions to the board. Please be thinking of nominees and be watching for final dates and times.

Neighborhood Fall Party
(added: 08/19/2020)

Due to COVID-19 there will likely not be a regular fall party this year but we are still trying to think of alternatives.  If you have ideas, please let us know!

Lawn Waste Bag Suspension
(added: 08/19/2020)

Lawn Bag Pickup Suspension

We have been informed by Waste Management that they have suspended lawn waste bag pick-up for 60-90 days due to Covid-19.  Please refrain from putting these bags on the curb until further notice.