Fall 2021 Newsletter - See your Emails
(added: 09/27/2021)

Fall 2021 Newsletter has been published!

September 26, 2021


Help us welcome in the fall season with many events happening in the Park at Forest Green. We hope you are getting out and enjoying many of the festivals in our communities. We have a fun family event planned and a reminder that walkthroughs will begin this weekend. 


Over the past 9 months, we have had 10 new homeowners move and will have 11 by the end of September.  Please drop by and say hello to your new neighbors and welcome them to our neighborhood.  Many are 1st-time homeowners or new to our area so they could use your help and support as they make their transition into Overland Park.

Upcoming Events 

Neighborhood Fall Party - Chiefs Tailagat October 10th  - 4PM - 6PM Location: Pool Common Area

 - Bring Your Own Beverage and Chairs! We are working out food and game details and will have more soon!

Annual Homeowner's Meeting - November 8th 7PM - Location TBD. 

 - Board Nominations for new POOL VP Due Nov 1 - If you need board nomination form, contact us at parkatforestgreen@gmail.com

 - Agenda Items should be submitted by Nov 1.  Any questions submitted at meeting or later, may have to be addresses at another time. 

OP's Large Item Bulk Pickup is October 16 - Go to this link for details to: https://www.opkansas.org/city-services/trash-recycling/bulky-item-pickup/ - Park of Forest Green Board does not have details beyond this - please reach out to city or look at link with any questions.  This is a courtesy service funded by the city and happens every 2 years.

 - Note:  Our provider, Contable Sanitation, continues to suppport 1 large item pickup the 1st Monday of each month as part of your HOA dues. 

    Neighborhood Architecture Committee Fall Walkthroughs Starting Today

    • If you received a violation notice, please resolve issue within 45 days and communicate with board. We would really prefer not to assess any fines!
    • Please see your email about important reminders on lawn maitenance and approvals needed. 
    • Common Questions can be found on our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section of our website: www.parkatforestgreen.org (Click on "Welcome")
    • Please submit an Architecture Request form at least 14 days PRIOR to the start of work. The form is at TOP of the Page in blue at this link: https://parkatforestgreen.org/architectural/

    Any questions should be sent via email to parkatforestgreen@gmail.com

    All information related to Park of Forest Green can be found at www.parkatforestgreen.org.


    The Park at Forest Green Board

    Spring 2021 PFG Newsletter
    (added: 04/14/2021)

    Spring 2021 PFG Newsletter

    Key Topics: 
    • Welcome New Social Chairperson - Emily Caron
    • Important Reminders from our Architecture Committee - Walkthroughs begin April 16
    • Pool News & Opening May 22
    • Upcoming Neighborhood Events Announced
    • May 1st 10AM PFG Volunteer Spring Work Day
    • May 13 - 15 Neighborhood Garage Sale
    • May 22 - Pool Opens
    • Local Information and Resources
    • Technical Role Help for Board (email parkatforestgreen@gmail.com to inquire) - Unpaid but BIG Help!

    Spring has Sprung! 

    Spring 2021 PFG HOA Newsletter


    Hello from your PFG Board Members! We hope you are enjoying this amazing weather. This PFG newsletter several important announcements including the upcoming Architecture Committee information and walkthroughs starting April 16, PFG Spring Volunteer Work Day May 1st,  Pool News, Upcoming Events, and a technical help needed request. We really hope you take the time to review this important information! Happy Spring!


    Welcome to our New Social Committee Chairperson – Emily Caron

    Please help us welcome Emily Caron to our Board! Emily and her family moved into PFG in February of 2014. She and her husband, Mark, live on 144th St. with their two boys, Spencer (12) and Ben (10).  We are excited to have Emily join our team and to begin planning our upcoming social events.   If you would like to be a part of the social activity planning or have a great idea for her, please email her.


    It's that Time Again - Spring Cleaning and Making Property Updates

    Contact: Justin Zeh, Chairman Architectural Committee


    We know many of you are considering and may need to make some outdoor property changes and updates with the weather warm-up.  Our Architecture Committee will be doing a Spring walkthrough beginning April 16 - 18 to check on Bylaws and Declaration of Restrictions compliance.  


    Below are important links to review and a few key bylaw highlights which we hope eliminate surprises and avoid issues for you: 

    · Frequently Asked Questions

    · HOA ByLaws & Declaration of Restrictions (DOR)

    · Architecture Committee Link / Form Please don’t forget to submit your high-level plans to the architecture committee 3-4 weeks prior to work commencing.  Remember, our board only works directly with you as a homeowner, not your contractors. Of course, when in doubt, reach out!


    A few highlights from our declaration of restrictions and bylaws include:

    -       Any significant landscaping change, significant exterior color changes or addition or alteration requires approval of the Architecture Committee. Forms must be submitted in writing and are found on the website.  Moving forward without committees’ approval is done at the homeowner’s risk. 

    -       All exteriors, except roofs and natural sidewalks shall be covered with a workmanlike finish of high-quality paint or stain.

    -       Fences may only be wooden or wrought iron in styles/colors approved by the Developer. All fences should have finished side out and uniformly stained, if wooden. 

    -       Landscaping should meet the $1500 minimum guideline; yards should be fully sodded, and an owner must have at least one tree 1.5” or more in the front yard – in addition to the trees planted along streets by the Developer.

    -       On a regular basis, lawns should be kept in good condition and uniformly mowed and clipped – not to exceed 4”. You may plant a vegetable garden, but it should not exceed more than 100sq feet unless approved by the board.

    -       Basketball goals must be installed and not freestanding.  Recreational or play structures beyond basketball goals should be behind the back of the residence building line.

    -      Overnight parking of motor vehicles should be in the garage or paved driveways, not in the public street or common areas (e.g., at pool). 

    -       No overnight parking of 12,000 lb+ trucks, trailers, boats, recreational vehicles/campers, or similar except in the garage. Trailers cannot be stored outside overnight. 12,000+ lb Trucks or commercial vehicles can be in the driveway when being used for the specific use intended (e.g, moving truck loading/unloading). RVs of any type can be temporarily parked for loading/unloading a maximum of one consecutive night and one night every 14 days unless express prior written approval from the architecture committee.

    -       Exterior holiday lights are permitted between November 15 and January 31. All exterior landscape lighting should be approved in advance.  

    -       Trash cans should be kept in the garage except after sundown on the night before trash pickups and be placed in your garage that night.


    We are proud of our homes and our community. Your support and maintenance of your property to meet our PFG Bylaws/DOR help to keep all our home values high, maintain community safety, helps eliminate potential issues with your neighbors, and helps us all avoid the time-consuming notice process.   If you have specific concerns, please send email or submit Architecture Form.


    Pool Opening and News

    Tina Bridges, VP Pool and Cabana


    Can't wait to take a dip? The plan is to open the pool on Saturday, May 22 to all Park at Forest Green residents who are current on their dues with no late fees. Pool fobs will be turned on prior to the pool opening date. If you need a fob, please email us. 


    We are in the process of changing our Pool Maintenance company, working on bids related to our broken Pool Heater, and potentially getting some additional umbrellas for your comfort at the pool. Of course, this all depends on budget and availability, but we are working on it.


    We want all neighborhood members and their family to enjoy their trips to our pool this year but need your help to keep things clean and fun for everyone! A few key reminders:

    ·   Please pick up after yourselves while at the pool by putting away all pool items you use, return chairs and tables back to where you found them and throw away trash and recyclables. 

    ·   Please make sure your kids are supervised and that all of us remain respectful of each other while at the pool.  

    ·   Although we have cameras and our pool maintenance is onsite daily to check the pool, please email us about all vandalism and issues as you see it!  


    Upcoming Neighborhood Events


    PFG Volunteer Spring Work Day  - Saturday, May 1st, 10 AM

    Contact: Scott Johansen, VP Grounds & Tina, VP, Pool and Cabana

    ·   Click here to RSVP or just show up!

    ·   We need 8-12 neighbors for this neighborhood event that is a great way to meet your neighbors while we do some light landscaping and cabana bathroom painting.

    ·   All landscaping materials and paint provided but we could use extra painting tools, landscaping tools and bring gloves if needed.   We will be around several hours so even if you can only join us an hour your support will help!

    o   If we get rained out, we will announce a new day at that time. 

    Neighborhood Garage Sale – Thursday – Saturday, May 13 - 15, Rain or Shine

    Get ready now for the Neighborhood Garage Sale. Signs will be posted and sale will be advertised. We coordinate with Neighboring HOAs to maximize traffic.


    Pool Opening – May 22


    Pool Party/Summer Celebration – Stay Tuned!  


    Local Information and Resources

    · City of Overland Park Newsletter Spring 2021

    · Overland Park's Property Maintenance regulations - Keep in mind you need to meet both PFG HOA AND city regulations/restrictions.


    Help Needed


    Technical Support Role - The PFG board needs help with technical computer issues, website form changes needed, Pool Wifi/Camera Administration and Setup, and other technical computer/website needs or recommendations as they come up. This is 100% volunteer, unpaid role as we have no budget for technical support but we don't think it would entail too much time and would be a tremendous help! Please email us if you are interested in helping out!

    Any Changes?

    If you are new to PFG, Moving, Changing your email, or Have a Major Life Event Lately? Let us know. We would love to get to know you and learn more or even highlight your or your info in an upcoming newsletter. Just email us at  parkatforestgreen@gmail.com.   


    As always we will post news and events on our website


    Enjoy this beautiful weather! 

    Your Park of Forest Green Board